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Hi syrett3,

Thanks for the clarification.

The answer is not well-known to this member of the support staff.

I was, however, able to replicate your results.

I can see the files via the file browser (with a lock icon) if I choose "All Files" (*.*) but not via Windows Explorer.

However, if I saved the file into one of the existing subfolders (scripts, keymaps, etc.) I can see the files via Windows Explorer.

Try putting your Logs subdirectory *into* one of the existing folders.

It would be better, ideally, to use an AppData location such as SecureCRT uses for the config folder. See the General category of Global Options.

As a note, SecureCRT v7.1 x64 does behave correctly.

Also, we do have SecureCRT for Unix/Linux now!

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