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Yes, it is a file browser dialog, but...

As I tried to indicate in my first post, what SecureCRT's file dialog shows me does not agree at all with what "Windows Explorer" shows. It's off in a parallel universe somewhere. I have not yet tried going into the Windows command box and navigating the file tree that way. I just hoped that this obscurity (which I don't recall encountering in Windows XP or earlier Microsoft monstrosities--hey, I've been using SecureCRT for a long time!) would be well known to support staff.

That's one thing I love about Unix: its basic file tree structure hasn't changed in decades, so I don't have to keep relearning what I already know.

BTW, when I asked "Windows Explorer" to find the logs directory which I created via SecureCRT and which appears in SecureCRT's dialogs, the search starting in "C:\Program Files (x86)\SecureCRT" found nothing by that name.
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