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Where session log files reside

I'm using Windows 7 Home Edition. When I use SecureCRT 5.1 to access a remote server, I am prompted to supply a name for the session log. The dialog presented to me by SecureCRT would have me believe that the files reside in C:\Program Files (x86)\SecureCRT, but when I look for them via File Manager (sorry, "Windows Explorer" nowadays), they're not in that directory. Also, I tried to organize my log files by creating a "logs" subdirectory parallel to "scripts" etc. within "SecureCRT", but even though that directory appears in SecureCRT's dialog boxes, it does NOT appear in the actual directory as shown by "Windows Explorer". So SecureCRT is spoofing me as to where my log files are. I really want to know exactly where in the file tree starting at C:\ my log files are located.
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