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Originally Posted by gan
I think the tabs is a great addition since version 4.x and even if there are other features that would be nice i find securecrt to be a great application for telnet and ssh. To say that i'm unable to use it because of some missing "nice to have" features would be an overstatement.
It's precisely because of the lack of CTRL-TAB switching that I cannot use SecureCRT 5. Having used Opera for nearly 6 years, I cannot get used to using any tab switching key combination other than CTRL-TAB. I tried it with SecureCRT 5, and I kept getting frustrated because I had to use a completely different method of navigating through the tabs.

I do agree though that it would be nice when i press CTRL-TAB it should switch back to my previous tabs in the order i accessed them. That way i could easily switch between two or more tabs even if i have several open.
That's basically the reason behind us asking for CTRL-TAB switching!