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I think the tabs is a great addition since version 4.x and even if there are other features that would be nice i find securecrt to be a great application for telnet and ssh. To say that i'm unable to use it because of some missing "nice to have" features would be an overstatement.

I do agree though that it would be nice when i press CTRL-TAB it should switch back to my previous tabs in the order i accessed them. That way i could easily switch between two or more tabs even if i have several open.

Also about the ALT-x feature where x is the number of the tab. Why not make it possible to use this feature with more then 10 tabs. Like when i want to access tab 15 i should be able to press ALT-15 and the tab will change after i release the ALT key. A small label could also popup on top of the tab to indicate the number of the tab when i press and hold the ALT key. That makes it easier when i got a lot of tabs open.