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dear Maureen,

i know ALT+Number and Ctrl+Tab but in daily i have noticed, that these
hotkeys are not very user-friendly. in most cases i have more than 10 tabs open and guess you are always switching between a few of them, so your intention should be: how to switch between special tabs without mouse,
directly and without a lot keys ?

my suggestion is: (u have this in UltraEdit), Ctrl+Tab should switch only between the current window and the last window, that makes working easy.
if you need another window, you should go there by a different way.
i told you, Maxthon made it very good: when you press Ctrl+Tab, you get
a window with every Tab where you can choose with cursor or mouse-wheel.
another suggestion is: when you say, that we are able to switch with ALT+Number, what number does a window has, when i have 20 Tabs open ?
the time i need to count, to find the correct number, i am faster by moving the mouse, you understand my problem ?

what does ALT+Number help, if i want windows nummber 22 ?
i understand, that you intention is not to copy stuff from other programs,
but sometimes it is better NOT to reinvent, than using existing good solutions for little problems like this.

i recommend to take a look at Maxthons solution and try it on your own

best regards,

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