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Unhappy Switch Audit Script waits unexpectedly


I wrote an audit vbscript which SSHs into a cisco switch, runs commands, records the results into Excel spreadsheet, exits that switch and repeats for every switch listed in column B of the spreadsheet.

Sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it does this:

stops at script line 2940
crt.Screen.WaitForString("sh cdp ne ")

the strange thing is that this line 2940 reads the response from the command issued on line 2938:

crt.Screen.Send "sh cdp ne gi" & objSheet.Cells(rownum, lwap1portcol).Value & " de" & vbCr

and the script manages to go through line 2938 but the command "sh cdp ne gi yada yada" never is sent to the switch console?


Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated! Full script and spreadsheet attached.


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