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Originally Posted by automate View Post
I frequently check the running configuration for ports by typing:

show run int interface

Following this I look at interface statistics for the same port by typing:

show int interface

How can I create a script that will take the last show run int command and repeat as a show int command for the same port?
I probably wouldn't go the route of scripting.

Instead, I'd configure SecureCRT to enable the Copy on Select Global Option, and create buttons to send commands based on what's in the clipboard.

Here's how I'd create my buttons:

Here's how I'd enable SecureCRT to automatically copy to the clipboard whatever I select:

With such a configuration in place, I'd simply click the first button to show the interfaces...

...then I'd double-click the interface I was interested in (the easy way to select the word underneath the mouse cursor is to double-click it).

Because "Vlan1" now selected, it's also copied to the clipboard.
Knowing that what's in the clipboard is what I want to include in the next two commands (e.g. the \v portion), I'd then click my other two buttons in succession...

Low cost. High value. Time $aving$.

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