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Feature Request: please make tabs follow Firefox control scheme...

I realize that this doesn't apply to everyone, and don't get me wrong, I love the new tabs. However, for those of us that use Firefox on a daily basis, tabs have become an integral part of our computer usage. As such, the hot keys and actions associated with controlling tabs in Firefox have really become second nature. To this end, I would like to suggest that the following two changes be made:

1) In addition to the default key combination of "Alt+B" for launching a new tab connection, please add the Firefox standard "Ctrl+T" as well

2) In Firefox, another COMMONLY used method, most common probably, for opening a new tab is to double click on an empty space on the tab bar. This should have the same result that "Alt+B" or "Ctrl+T" (hope) would have.

These two additions would make the usability for Firefox people a LOT more intuitive, and would keep us from having to learn yet another set of key combinations and actions.

Thank you in advance.

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