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Using a csv/xls file as input to connect to a host and run a separate command on each

Requesting help with something I am trying to solve.. For something I am working on, I need to open close to 100 tabs in secure-crt (in different windows) and have it running..

This is what I am trying to accomplish with securecrt:
1.Input file will be a csv with: groupnumber,hostname,username,password,command,tab-title
2.Create a script that would:
: read the csv file and for each groupnumber it would open a new securecrt window
- open tabbed ssh connections using the hostname,username,password
- run the command (command is a streaming command, ex: top, which continuously outputs data)
- set the tab-title or the window (setting tab title or the window title itself)

Could someone help me with this? I am looking at close to 100 entries in the csv file.

Thank you.
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