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Session does not close/disconnect immediately when network interrupted

Let's say I have a few ssh sessions going.

Then my internet dies for a minute or my VPN disconnects or something.
SecureCRT still shows green check mark that denotes connected. But really, it's not connected because the network is down. SecureCRT has not detected that the ssh session broken. I cannot interact with the device anymore. So yes, ssh session is broken as expected. But securecrt has not closed/disconnected from the session. I don't mean close the tab/window, I mean close the TCP connection because there is no internet.

If I wait for a while, let's say after 5 minutes or so, SecureCRT will eventually detect the network interruption and disconnect/close automatically. But why does it take so long?

If I don't want to wait for 5 minutes for SecureCRT to autodetect interruption, I manually disconnect the ssh session (right click, disconnect). And then try re-connecting. Then it takes a couple of minutes trying to connect. Then reports something "Could not connect to Firewall". I think it's saying could not connect to my jumphost. Then I click on Enter and it immediately connects.

This is very disturbing because it happens quite often. Every day when I have network interruptions.

Version 8.7.3 (build 2279)
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