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Originally Posted by habs
I have downloaded SecureCRT 5.2 Beta with the enhanced CTRL-TAB functionality, and it works like a charm! It is exactly the type of functionality we have been awaiting! I can now finally switch over to using SCRT on a full-time basis. Many thanks.
I'm glad to hear that the new CTRL-TAB option is working well for you.

The only other option I would request is the ability to move the tab bar down to the bottom of the screen. With my other MDI applications, such as FireFox and Opera web browsers, the tab bar is always on the bottom, and the top position of SCRT's tab bar seems a bit out of place. Of course, this should be an option, to please both types of users (those who prefer the tab bar to be on the top and on the bottom). Adding in this option would only help to enhance the overall functionality of SecureCRT!
There have been several requests for this and it is under consideration for a future version of SecureCRT. We haven't looked into how hard it will be to implement, so I don't know yet how likely it is to be in the next version.

Once again, thanks for the great job on implementing CTRL-TAB navigation, and I look forward to your other great products in the future!
Thanks for the feedback!