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Originally Posted by yinx2002
In 5.0 beta the hotkey to switch tabed window is ctrl+tab( tab ctrl I guess ).Most of time it's convenience,but one time does not.
When we use alt-tab ,we can switch between two task again and again,( two task are both CRT,and we want to switch only between them) by pressing alt-tab more repeatedly,and switch to other task by only pressing tab when alt key is pressed( soft tab).
But ctrl-tab doesn't offer such feature.we must press ctrl-tab repeatedly to switch between two task back and forth( if you have 6 task runing and 2
of them are CRT,then from task1 to task2 needs 1 ctrl-tab ,and 2 to 1 needs 5 ),it's somewhat inconvenience to use.
An option to support this has been added to SecureCRT 5.2, which is in pre-beta testing. If you would like to try it, please send an e-mail to me at