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Question FAQ: Why doesn't SecureCRT allow me to choose from all the fonts on my system?

By default, SecureCRT will only allow you to select a font that is known to the system as a "fixed width" or "monospaced" font.

If a specific font does not show up in SecureCRT's font chooser window, it is because the font is missing the "fixed width" (monospace) designation -- in other words, its creator/designer did not mark the font as being a fixed-width font.
If a font you would like to use isn't registered/marked as fixed-width (all glyphs in the entire font map share the exact same horizontal width) you may still be able to use the font In SecureCRT.

To allow all fonts to be displayed in SecureCRT's font picker:
  1. Close all instances of SecureCRT that are running.
  2. Edit the Global.ini file found in SecureCRT's configuration folder (see Global Options > Configuration Paths)
  3. Modify the "Allow Proportional Fonts" value to 00000001 and save your changes.
Warning: If you choose a font that is not monospaced (eg. fixed width) you will have display problems because glyphs within the font do not have the exact same width.

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