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oh, this is interesting. I noticed it, too, but thought it was just a weird glitch.
i was busy at the time and didn't think much about it as it seemed to be just cosmetic and didn't seem to affect anything. i even pasted it twice and both times it happened, but not since.

pretty sure the paste confirmation/edit window did _not_ pop up, so it was just a single line of text.

i just did some quick tests and can't make it happen again, it may have had more to do what i copied into the clipboard and scrt interpreting it in some way...? i just don't remember, was last week sometime.

my typical usage is pasting via ssh into a bash or vim session on ubuntu or freebsd. sadly, that's not much to go on, but will be more mindful if it happens again.

9.0.2 on win10
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