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SecureCRT Text/Script editor


Just wanted to add my opinion to this.

The LAST thing I want is for SecureCRT to come with a bundled in-skins script editor. Spend your precious development time on something else thankyouverymuch!

There are plenty of free/cheap/midpriced/expensive/extortionate text|script editors out there already and I would hate to hear of VanDyke yanking developers away from the task of getting Powershell support into the product in order to be producing an editor that is never going to surpass one you could buy for $20 and do so much more with.

Check these out - there must be one that suits.

-- TotalEdit -Free and very nice for VBScript, Perl etc. Good tool support
-- Hippo Edit - Not free but cheap and amazingly well done. Watch BitsduJour for special offers. This is my GoTo text editor.
-- Notepad++ - Free. never been one of my favs but very popular
-- Scite
-- Komodo Edit For free this is really awesome
-- Primal Pad from sapien. Free and really lightweight
-- gVim tough to get into but then..whoosh! Your flying
-- PrimalScript Top quality VBScript/Perl/Powershell/Ruby/Pythone - just great
-- E-Text
-- TextMate - well loved. I have never really used it much.
-- Smultron ( a favourite of mine on Mac )
-- CodeRunner (from Mac App Store) Great for perl,python etc No VBScript!
-- EditPad - Again popular but I don't like the interface myself
-- SlickEdit - Expensive

Check out:-

For a nice write up on the subject.

I've seen several other products fall into this trap of trying to supply a bundled script/code editor with their products and it always ends in tears with users reaching for whatever they used to use before in the end. My advice is pick on, learn it, expand it (Eg modify parser/lexar to include CRT. object model for syntax highlights and method/property expansion) then use it.

Much better Vandyke support Powershell than support a text editor ;-)

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