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Thanks for the great suggestions.

- There should be a keyboard shortcut to close a tab.
This has also been suggested in another thread. We'll look into adding a keyboard shortcut. In the meantime, you can map a key to MENU_TAB_CLOSE.

- On the menu that appears when right-clicking an active tab, there should be an option to open up a SSH tab, not just a sFTP tab.
We are considering adding "Clone" to the right-click tab menu. This would open a new tab and connect to the same session (or host for Quick Connect). For SSH2, it would use the same channel. Would this meet your needs?

- On the tab that is 'active' or the most forward, the text should be bold or a different color.
(On a really bright monitor, it is occasionally difficult to see what tab is the most forward.)
Great suggestion! I'll see what we can do.

- When you type the word 'exit' within a telnet or ssh session, the tab should close.
(This may be a toggable option to keep the tab open for reconnection or to close the tab entirely.)
I'd like to get more feedback before adding a new option. What do people expect to happen when "exit" is typed in a tabbed session?