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Great Feedback - Thanks!

The idea to break this into Sub Routines makes sense.

I have a personal preference for the 'Select Case' structure. I find it way more flexible than "If...ElseIf...End". I read in an Excel Forum that "Select Case" compiles and runs faster.

Using functions would let me indent less. I use indents to clearly delineate what is happening within a 'Case ...'.

I am curious as to the optimization of calling numerous Subs or Functions.

In general, I find what I have written to be rock solid, as to reliability. I have team mates that prefer to copy/paste into live router session and trust that Line Pacing will work. My code lets me paste any length of commands into a router.

My work environment consists of moving large amounts of config between Provider-Level Internet Edge Routers. 100% reliability is crucial.

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to post a version with some of your suggestions.
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