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Originally Posted by undef
- If you cover the SecureCRT window with other windows, redraw problems will often occur when the window gets focus again. Often the window seems blank when it's not.

- Redraw problems on resize (related to the problem mention over?). If I resize the window while using Emacs, Emacs seems to lose "orientation". The cursor is placed somewhere else on the screen than what emacs thinks.
I'll enter these issues in our development database. We may ask some follow up questions if we have trouble reproducing these.

- It's nice to see SecureFX integrated on the context menu like sFTP, but the implementation leaves a little to be desired: Is it possible to open SecureFX with the same active session as the active tab (as is the case with sFTP)? As it is now I have to enter my password one more time, so the integration is only half way there.
In a future version of of SecureCRT and SecureFX, we'd like to support having SSH2/SFTP connections to the same session share the transport, which means reauthentication wouldn't be necessary. This might be a ways away. In the meantime, something we could possibly do is cache the password and send it to the session. I think we could only support this for SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, and possibly FTP. This would be similar to saving passwords, but they would only be in memory and would go away when the app went away. Do people feel this would be useful and would it be better than saving passwords, which is already supported?

- Tabs: Should tab titles be [optionally] truncated in any way? I often have long window titles, and some of the tabs becomes very long with path information, load data, etc. displaying.
I think we could make truncating tab titles an option. What do people think about this?

- I occasionally experience that port forwarding dies unexpectedly. This is not the case with 4.1. Logging out and logging in again does not restore port forwarding. I have to exit SecureCRT 5.0 completely and start fresh to make it work again.
This sounds like something I was seeing up until recently (and in 4.1). When you get in this state, is the shell locked?