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A few more thoughts on the latest build

- If you cover the SecureCRT window with other windows, redraw problems will often occur when the window gets focus again. Often the window seems blank when it's not.

- Redraw problems on resize (related to the problem mention over?). If I resize the window while using Emacs, Emacs seems to lose "orientation". The cursor is placed somewhere else on the screen than what emacs thinks.

- It's nice to see SecureFX integrated on the context menu like sFTP, but the implementation leaves a little to be desired: Is it possible to open SecureFX with the same active session as the active tab (as is the case with sFTP)? As it is now I have to enter my password one more time, so the integration is only half way there.

- Tabs: Should tab titles be [optionally] truncated in any way? I often have long window titles, and some of the tabs becomes very long with path information, load data, etc. displaying.

- I occasionally experience that port forwarding dies unexpectedly. This is not the case with 4.1. Logging out and logging in again does not restore port forwarding. I have to exit SecureCRT 5.0 completely and start fresh to make it work again.