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Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
Hi Marcus,

I am not sure I understand the exact time of the delay.

Is it while *selecting* 1000+ lines?

Or when you actually choose "Copy"?

If the latter, how do you see the freeze manifest itself? (ie: does SecureCRT title bar display 'Not Responding'?)

In any case, can you provide explicit steps to replicate?

Also, if you have Copy to clipboard as RTF and plain text enabled in the Terminal / Emulation / Advanced category of Session Options, is the issue resolved if you disable it?

Well, basically it's reproducible from my side if I copy 500+ lines to the clipboard (selecting and copying).. and yes, SecureCRT becames unresponsive for quite a while (No Responding status)

But after that tip, disabling Copy to clipboard as RTF and plain text the issue no longer happens, even if I copy more than 25000 lines

Thanks a lot!

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