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Public Key Authentication Failed

I have read easily over 150+ web results and tried at least 30+ methods for resolving my issue. After what is now 12-14 hours of struggling to no avail, I'm seeking help.

I have a CentOS (OpenSSH) virutal server from GoDaddy. Latest version of SecureCRT.

I've created keys using SSH (ssh-keygen) command, WHM GUI, SecureCRT's creation, and PuTTY. Uploaded them to ~/.ssh or copied from there. Made sure they match to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. I've 'chmod 700 ~/.ssh' and 'chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. I've attempted other methods as well. Most recently 'restorecon -r' or whatever it was. My brain is pretty much dead at this point and I've spent about my whole weekend trying to figure out my problem.

I'm willing to start over from scratch and figure out how to fix this. Please and thank you for any help!
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