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Feature Request: Session Inheritance

I've got tons of sessions configured, all under a tree structure in session manager.
I've got the top level/default session configured with my most common set of protocol and credentials.
Under that are customer folders. Within those are device types. Under these may be a folder which holds those devices with unique credentials.
Most devices use the same credentials, but there's plenty that share a different one or have something unique. Instead of my companies TACACs server they may use their own, for example.

When I update the top level, or a customer level folder, with new login details it overwrites all sessions below it in the tree. This obliterates all the unique sessions.

It'd be nice to be able to flag a folder or individual session to not inherit certain properties from the sessions above. So if I change the login details on a folder directly, then it'll propagate to the sessions below, but if I change the folder above it then it wouldn't flow through.

Hope that makes sense
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