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I feel like I'm seeing this "The semaphore timeout period has expired." frequently since upgrading.

I'm having difficulty narrowing down the issue because I was previously running WinXP and whatever sCRT was max for that OS and basically never got this semaphore disconnect. I pretty much leave my sessions open 24x7 for months.

Finally wanting the new sCRT features (yay paste dialog!), I upgraded (rebuilt) the jump box to Win7 x64 (VM on ESXI 6.5.0) and also put a recent 64bit version of sCRT on there (currently 8.5.3).

The interesting thing is, not all active sessions get this semaphore disconnect, in fact, connections to the _same_ host remain active and open, while other tabs to same host get disconnected (my guess is cloned sessions are all the disconnected ones). Typically overnight and I come back in the morning and have to reconnect several sessions.

It's a wired connection, and everything is over the same vpn.

Not always, maybe a couple times a week.

Anyway, it probably "is me, not you" but just not sure where to poke.

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