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Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
I cannot replicate the issue you reported. How did you map the key combination?

Did you use Tools / Keymap Editor?

Or did you save it in the session by configuring the Terminal / Emulation / Mapped Keys category of SecureCRT's Session Options?
In this case I was configuring Mapped Keys under Session Options, but the same thing happens in the global Keymap Editor.

Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
When attempting to reconfigure the mapped key as described above, is this being done at the Mac or remotely via the Windows 7 PC?
It's being done remotely via the Windows 7 PC. But I have another identically configured Mac (lets call that Mac 2) that I also access remotely from the same Windows 7 PC where this works. The only difference between the Mac 1 and Mac 2 is that Mac 2 is still running SecureCRT version 6.7.5 and Mac 1 is running the new beta 7.0.0.

The Shift-Insert/Shift-HELP mapped key also worked on Mac 1 right up until it was upgraded. Nothing else has changed.

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