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Question Rolling log files not stored in same place

I am running a licensed version 8.3.1 of SecureCRT. I have configured my log files to store to "...SecureCRT\Logs\%F\%S_%M-%D-%Y.txt". I have 'Start log upon connect' and 'Start new log at midnight' both selected, and I have the 'Append to file' mode selected. My initial log files are being properly created, and stored in the sorted directory "%F" referenced above in the path. However, when the new log file rolls over at midnight, it is not being created in ...\Logs\%F\..., it is being stored a level above in the '...\Logs\' directory. Am I doing something wrong, or have a missed a setting to ensure that the rolling log file still gets created in the nested ...\Logs\%F\ directory?
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