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Lightbulb [box] me

So let's put on our thinking caps MEN! For we are the Masters of our own FATE.

Supply List:
Linux, SecureCRT, ChromaTerm, a Brain.

Step 1: Install Linux. Real men use Linux. If you got your toolbox while you went WINDOWz shopping then you reap what you sow.

Step 2: Pay those guys who built SecureCRT. They're certified badasses and deserve your currency! Now install CRT!

Step 3: Install ChromaTerm. Now I'm going to assume some noobs made it here and are using Ubuntu 12.04 or 13.04. When you ./configure you probably will get some errors b/c you're missing some libraries; if that's the case: sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev

Step 4: Set your terminal session to VT100, check ANSI, uncheck C0lor Scheme like so:

Step 5: SSH into your Linux Box from CRT. You mean SSH into the BOX you are using from the BOX you are using?? YES! Sometimes to think outside of the BOX you must first jump into the BOX! So put on your network caps and start thinking like MEN! *cough* *cough*

Step 6: Use that sweet CRT Login automation to launch ChromaTerm and then SSH into your ASA or whatever you want to jump to.

Step 7: Drink Beer and Celebrate like a MAN!!


WHY SO MANY \\\\ in that Login Script!?

Men.. when you BASH into iOS you must use an escape character which happens to be \. So if you're using a domain account ssh domain\username@10.x.x.x becomes ssh domain\\username@10.x.x.x. Now when you automate through CRT they also use \ as an escape character. So now you have ssh domain\\\\username@10.x.x.x. I know someone will be grateful for this pro-tip; for that guy I say DRINK BEER LIKE MEN!!

If you are winning your screen will look like this:

Here's a thought... throw all of that fancy script into a file to call upon with CRT. But I won't do everything for you..

For the 1% who find this post and implement it you will truely be lookin 1337 my friends. Don't forget to rename those sessions to represent your device you ssh into!
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