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I've made some progress, I've converted the vendor-supplied public key from PuTTY format to OpenSSH format to play nicely with VSFTP and I've now got a command-line syntax working and connecting to the vendor's SFTP server.

However, the underlying issue remains - I can get a listing of remote folders, but I cannot change to any of those folders. Here is an excerpt from my log of successfully connecting to the vendor's server:

[LOCAL] : RECV: SERVICE_ACCEPT[ssh-userauth] -- OK
[LOCAL] : Authenticating as user {SomeUser}
[LOCAL] : RECV : USERAUTH_FAILURE, continuations [password,publickey]
[LOCAL] : SENT : USERAUTH_REQUEST [publickey (ssh-rsa) - unsigned,fingerprint (S
HA-2 hash): 4d:cf:49:cc:7a:e5:7d:62:af:83:34:e0:c6:78:29:6e:6f:f7:f0:54:72:63:75
[LOCAL] : SENT : USERAUTH_REQUEST [publickey (ssh-rsa) - unsigned,fingerprint (S
HA-1 hash): 82:7e:38:9c:d5:aa:24:70:5c:1a:98:f8:e0:cb:32:c7:82:74:a9:06]
[LOCAL] : SENT : USERAUTH_REQUEST [publickey (ssh-rsa) - unsigned,fingerprint (M
D5 hash): c6:34:12:75:7b:de:fa:27:88:75:da:51:92:63:0e:a2]
[LOCAL] : SENT : USERAUTH_REQUEST [publickey (ssh-rsa) - signed,May 2000 Standard
[LOCAL] : RECV : Server Sftp Version: 6
[LOCAL] : PRODUCT-BUILD: 0000000000000000
[LOCAL] : SEND : fs-multiple-roots-supported request[Off]
[LOCAL] : SEND : vendor-id request
[LOCAL] : RECV : fs-multiple-roots-supported reply: 8
[LOCAL] : SEND : RealPath, base=.
[LOCAL] : SEND : change-path=.
vsftp> ls -a <-- This is me checking my whereabouts and subfolders
[LOCAL] : SEND : RealPath, base=/
[LOCAL] : SEND : change-path=.
. archive in out <-- Okay, this matches what I expect, subfolders "in", "out" and "archive".
vsftp> cd in <-- Issuing "help" on this remote server has told me that this syntax should work to change remote path.
[LOCAL] : SEND : RealPath, base=/
[LOCAL] : SEND : change-path=in <-- Server seems to be following my request...
vsftp> pwd <-- This command should verify my new remote working directory.
/ <-- Darn, I'm still in the root path of the remote server. My root problem remains, I can't seem to be able to navigate to other folders.

Using WinSCP on the same server, reaching out to the same remote server, with the same username (admittedly using a PuTTY format key instead of OpenSSH format key), I can not only see the same folders, I can traverse them by double-clicking on them and entering them and seeing files waiting for me to download, which I can without issues.

I've just now tried using our backup VSFTP server, which is running a newer version of VShell (Version 4.4.1 (x64 build 1816), but I'm getting same results as when I try on our primary server, which is still using VShell 4.0.4.

Any more tips much appreciated.
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