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Titlebar/Tab Issues.

While working with the 5.0 SCRT beta, I've come across two little things...

1) For a long time now, I've had my titlebar set to the same thing for all of my sessions: "%s (%u@%h:%p)" so I would see something like "Hosty (username@hosty.domain:22)" in my titlebar. 4.0 worked with this just fine. Now, when I connect using 5.0, I get "Hosty (@hosty.domain:22)" instead, I guess because it doesn't have the username before authentication, however, it does not appear to update the titlebar after authentication. Only when cloning the tab do I get the correct titlebar "Hosty (username@hosty.domain:22)" since it has the auth info at that point.

2) By having a standardized titlebar such as the above, I'm finding it very easy to get confused when opening up new tabs... For example, if I connect to Hosty and login, then clone the tab, I'll have two tabs named the same thing for that connection. No big deal so far. But if I open ANOTHER connection to Hosty and login, I now have three windows ("Hosty", "Hosty", and "Hosty (1)"). If I clone windows, now I start getting "Hosty (2)," "Hosty (3)," and so on. All in all, very very confusing.

Not sure what the best response to #2 might be...I'm trying to think of ways of either working with how it is now, or possible ways of "fixing" it. Just not quite sure yet what is best...

All in all, a great product though...always am pleased when the new versions come out. I LOVE the integration of SCRT And SFX...I think it's the best thing to happen to the product line in ages. Kudos to all the developers! 8)