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FTP or TFTP server inside SecureCRT?

I'm not sure I completely understand this one... (Hi Maureen :-)

I do a LOT of cisco upgrades and the like and I do understand the need for the TFTP or FTP server, however since the cisco device takes this information from an IP address (ie, you tell it to pull down images from x.x.x.x), the server needs to reside on a specific IP address. Now you can have that on your PC (where SecureCRT resides) but the issue you generally face is that the PC is either not on the same network (making TFTP sort of impossible) or behind multiple routers/firewalls/etc where port 22 was the only way to get to the device (which leaves out FTP)...

Since SecureCRT is a client program (not a server), it can't change anything on the server side of the equation (that is, the SSHd daemon that is running within the cisco device).

I've re-read this one a couple of times and still can't figure out the chicken/egg approach here...

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