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Well, this request was actually 2 requests total. One was for the tftp/ftp server that would lock to the ip address(s) that your currently connected to thereby giving you the ability to bypass having to use user authtication commands to access the ftp server via the cisco CLI.

The second part was the GUI interface for interfacing into the equipment. This could be done multiple ways even so far as to say, Here is the tftp/ftp server and you have active scripting so have fun.

Concerning the Cisco commands themself, the location that images goes to can be enumerated with a sh file systems which shows this:

Cisco-GSR-12008#sh file systems 
File Systems:

          Size(b)          Free(b)      Type  Flags  Prefixes
*       260075520        234033152      disk     rw   disk0:
        260075520        215396352      disk     rw   disk1:
                -                -     flash     rw   slot0: flash:
                -                -     flash     rw   slot1:
          7602176          4250200     flash     rw   bootflash:
                -                -    opaque     rw   system:
                -                -    opaque     rw   null:
                -                -   network     rw   tftp:
           520184           511664     nvram     rw   nvram:
                -                -   network     rw   rcp:
                -                -   network     rw   ftp:
                -                -    opaque     ro   tar:
                -                -    opaque     ro   cns:
key off of the flash or disk fields will let you populate a selection box with the location for the IOS upgrade and the * tells you what location the last IOS load was from. Which would still be a long drawn out way to code all that, better to just list the default flash locations or have it user configurable.

on the diffrent IOS commands there is 2 cisco upload commands:

1) the copy command is for any and all valid cisco IOS images. This has been standard since IOS 11.0.X also to include the CatIOS branch

2) the archive download-sw command is pretty specific to cisco equipment that has full web GUI interfaces, Cisco switches, Aironet, etc. and is only used if the user is attempting to upgrade the web GUI files at the same time as the IOS version. So option in the upload gui for: IOS Only or IOS/WEB would solve that for cisco equipment.

The best options would be for the GUI interface to be:
1) configurable as to the type of equipment the person deals with.
2) configurable within the equipment type area.
3) equipment type specified inside the connection profile so the interface knows what configuration to use.

for example, I deal with Cisco, Extreme, and Foundry equipment.. I wouldn't want to see any option for Ascend, lucent, avia, etc.