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Well that is the basic idea. ftp and tftp both would be nice since some embeded things only support tftp. One of the main objectives here is that the ftp server can be "locked" via ip address to the client router that you are connecting to. Between that locking and the ftp / tftp server not being active unless specified would provide security for any of your firmware, IOS images, etc.

Here is a example. say your workstation is (I will use internal ip's for example only) and your router is

The idea of this feature would allow you to login to the router and do this:

copy slot0:IOS-of-the-month

Which could then be taken a step futher since we already know a) the IP address of the ftp server b) the ftp server dosn't need a login since it is IP locked. so you could login to the router and bring up a upgrade dialog box that asks. Image to upload (click to select) and a dropdown box or so that list the locations you can upload to (slot0 / slot1 / disk0 / disk1 / nvram / rom / etc). Click ok and it builds the cmd line and inputs it into the router and off we go with a ios upgrade.

Granted this can mostly already be done between somebody writting a Script addon and having a tftp sever on your machine that you can start, etc. The idea behind this is intergration, simplicity, and just plain lets get it done and over.

Does it have to be part of SecureFX... well, I wouldn't think so, could be a full seperate product I would think.. SecureFS (Secure Firmware Server) or so. I was just thinking of having it with the SecureFX and having it "unlock" when you intergrated SecureCRT and SecureFX together, would be some more value add to the total package.