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[RESOLVED] Van Dyke and scripting - capturing connection authentication attributes?

** UPDATE **

I've achieved what I wanted by using PowerShell and the VRALib COM object, part of VShell. I found I was able to use regular expressions to read the important lines from the debug log and store for future reference. An excerpt of my script is provided below in the interests of sharing.


I'm using VShell on a Windows Server.
Is it possible, using automation or scripting of some kind, to capture the specific SFTP authentication parameters that are used for a connection to a 3rd party?

Specifically, when I use establish a connection to another party via FTP over SSH, we generate logs that tell us the name/version of the 3rd party's SFTP server, what algorithms they support or exclude, etc, then we see the process whereby 'SEND' and 'RECV' ciphers/algorithms common to each party are adopted and the connection goes ahead. I'd love to be able to capture those attributes for each 3rd party connection somehow, as it would serve dual purposes:

1) It's a form of live documentation on the specific attributes each connection is currently using.
2) It is a form of monitoring, in that changes in any of those elements would help myself and 3rd party understand where/if any changes have occurred.

Of course, I could read the verbose logs we generate at the time of any connection, but if there are any other methods available, that would be great to know.

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