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Hi dverbern,
...but just say I type in an IP x.x.x.x in the Test field in the Connection Filter in VShell and hit Test - I've found that for a particular IP I'm testing at the moment, if I enter the IP properly (without any whitespace after it) it fails the test with "Access denied. Reverse IP lookup failed", whereas if I add at least one character of whitespace at the end of that same IP and hit Test, it succeeds, with "Access allowed".
I do not see that in VShell 4.4.3, the current, official release. In fact, I get the opposite results. Adding a trailing space causes Access denied, just the IP address succeeds.

VShell 4.0.4 is pretty old (circa 2013). Why haven't you upgraded?

What problem is it you are trying to solve? Perhaps there have been enhancements since v4.0.4 that would aid in that objective.

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