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VShell Connection Filter - what exactly does "Test filter" do?

Using VShell 4.04. Within Connection Filter screen, at bottom there is a "Test filter" area, where I can input either an IP or hostname and hit a "Test..." button. Today we've had a situation where a 3rd party was unable to connect to us and as a troubleshooting step, I input the IP that I knew this 3rd party connected from into this "Test filter" and hit the "Test" button and it returned "Access denied. Reverse IP lookup failed".

Fast forward a few minutes and when I test that same IP again I'm now getting the expected result, "Access allowed".

I entirely grant that this sounds like an issue within our environment, but I would like to know what VShell is doing under the hood when it determines whether the IP or hostname being entered into the "Test Filter" will return the "Access allowed" or "Access denied" responses.
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