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Hi Daniel,
Its a shame that for whatever reason the VShell wouldn't play nicely with this particular 3rd party SFTP server I was connecting with (without needing an additional sftp-version switch)...
As I tried to clarify in the other thread we had together, the issue is not with vsftp (the command-line sftp client included with your VShell installation). The issue is with the SilverSHielD server you are connecting to.

One of our developers (having done analysis of a log of a connection where change directory failed) wrote an email to that vendor (in 2012) and stated:
Notice that we have specified the control-byte as SSH_FXP_REALPATH_STAT_ALWAYS (0x03).
When the SilverSHielD responds, it sends the following packet:
You will note that it* has sent no attributes and an invalid/illegal type code of zero. This causes our sftp client to think that directory files aren't actually directories and fail to complete a change directory operation.
*The it in above sentence being the SilverSHielD server's response to the sftp client request.

And the SilverSHielD developer's reply was:
yes you're actually absolutely right. This was working in SilverSHielD up to version 4.x, but has been "broken" in v5.0 and we weren't aware of that. A customer has informed us few days ago and we were already working on the issue.

A fix will be available in the upcoming version 5.4 which will be released in 10-15 days from now.

Since you are now connecting to version 6 of that server software...
[LOCAL] : PRODUCT-BUILD: 0000000000000000
...either the same SilverShielD bug was re-introduced or it was never fixed.

So you (or the SFTP server admin) should contact SilverSHielD about this issue.

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