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Forcing an IPv4 or IPv6 connection using SecureCRT

So I've been doing a tremendous amount of work in areas where IPv4 address space has been depleted. As such I've started converting many of the US resources I manage to be "dual/stack". Unfortunately in do so, many of the DNS records start having "A" and "AAAA" records for the same name.

There are times when IPv4 or IPv6 stacks are broken between myself and the destination where I want to force the connection to use one protocol over the other. With "ssh" you use the "-4" or "-6" options to force ssh to use one or the other protocol. I have been unable to find any service similar on SecureCRT. This has led me to having to log into a third party machine, do a dig for the IPv4 address, then temporarily replace the machine name on SecureCRT with a hard coded IP address until I can fix the problem or work around it. Often I'm finding that I'm not moving back to using DNS (which with AWS and virtual machines constantly changing their public IP addresses) which is problematic in many ways.

Is it possible to add a checkbox that says "use IPv4" or "use IPv6" or "prefer IPv4 over IPv6" if the other two boxes are checked? (total of three check boxes I suppose). I'd assume the default configuration for any houst would have the first two check boxes checked and the third not checked. This way I can go in and change things as I go.

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