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You are welcome, John.

I don't think it is as easy as launching the executable in a tab. If it were that easy, we would likely have had CMD or PowerShell support a long time ago. Additionally, the Linux subsystem is not installed by default, so that may be another limiting factor.

We will post here if we add support for any local shell in a SecureCRT tab on Windows.

I did try and get sshd running and excepting connections in bash, but haven't succeed. This may be due to the information in the quote that I posted previously. If I do get this to work, I will post how I did it.

I also found out that the alternative of installing the Microsoft Telnet server for local shell access is no longer an option in Windows 10, but I did use our VShell server to get access to the Bash shell on Windows 10 which was kind of nice.

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