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Hello anil51138,

Yes, see attached example script. As outlined in the comments, the expectation is you will map the script to run from a button on the button bar with an argument, but you could still use /ARG with the script on the command-line.

For example:

SecureCRT /Script c:\Path_To_Script.vbs /ARG "Black / Cyan" /SSH2 /Password p@ssw0rd user@host

GetOption and SetOption are methods that are available to the SessionConfiguration object. These are documented in the SecureCRT Help topic Scripting / Script Objects Reference / SessionConfiguration Object.

Note that it's the /COLOR_SCHEME command-line argument that will lock you into a specific color scheme in each tab of an instance. If you do *not* use that, you should be able to change each tabbed session independently (via the script).
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