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Trace Level

Followed your instructions, no output is produced into the terminal screen...


Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
Hi Dennett,

Thanks for the update.

To determine if anything is being sent I would like to get level 9 trace options output.
  • Take note of SecureCRT's config location in Global Options / General category

  • Close SecureCRT

  • Edit the .ini file of the session (or default.ini if making an "ad hoc" connection):
D:"Trace Level"=00000000 (or 1)
D:"Trace Level"=00000009
  • Launch SecureCRT

  • Connect session and attempt several of the keyboard combinations that are not working

  • Copy the information from the terminal window and save to a file
Please attach the resulting file to an email sent to and include "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #10799" in the subject line.
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