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Opening Multiple sessions through the command prompt

I'm tiring to open multiple tabs of the same session and run a different script for each session. I'm using the code below to open the sessions can call the scripts for each session "C:\CRT\SecureCRT.exe /T /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch671.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch673.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch674.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch675.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch676.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch678.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch681.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch780.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch781.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch788.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch789.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch790.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch791.vbs /s Payroll /SCRIPT C:\brickman\crt_scripts\PayrollScripts\Branch792.vbs", 0, true

When i do this i get multiple tabbed sessions but each session runs the last script in the code Branch792.vbs

how do i get each session to call its own script?

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