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SecureCRT's send-string field allows for the use of escaped octal values for sending non-printing ASCII control characters to a remote device.

^V must be specified as the octal code: \026
^M must be specified as the octal code: \015

See the attached screen-shot: "ASCII Ctrl Codes - Help.png"

In addition, since the backslash character '\' has special meaning within a SecureCRT send-string definition, when you need to send a literal backslash without worrying about it conflicting with pre-defined escape codes that have special meaning to SecureCRT (for example \e, \r, \b, \p, \v, \n, \t), you should specify the octal code for backslash (\134) instead of using the literal '\' character in your send-string specifications.

In a nutshell...
  • You want the remote to receive this: %s/\(^M\)//
  • The equivalent send-string spec for a SecureCRT button config would be: %s/\134(\026\015\134)//
  • If you also wanted to first "press" ESC followed by ':' to get into vi's command mode, the send-string spec would be: \033:%s/\134(\026\015\134)//

Does this help to answer your question?
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