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Originally Posted by mdella
I'm using the OpenSSH agent forwarding function within SecureCRT 6.2.1 and for the most part it works fine. I am however finding a few things that I can't seem to find answers for.

1. Once a key is "on the ring" or in the agent, how to I remove it from the agent without exiting BOTH SecureCRT and SecureFX.

Ok, I finally found/figured this out (sort of esoteric on how you did that ;-)
One other request I'd have is have a minimize button on that menu, not JUST a close (so I can leave it on the screen or off to the side and still operate) so that I can monitor and maintain that list.

Actually a few more features on that list would make it very useful. Also if it were on a pull down menu other than on a shrink option that I prefer not to use.

The *challange* will be how to understand which session/window is using which keys... and how to display this in a mechanism other than what you put together....

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