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Hi mdella,

1. Once a key is "on the ring" or in the agent, how to I remove it from the agent without exiting BOTH SecureCRT and SecureFX.
Agent keys can be deleted using the "Manage Agent Keys..." option available that was explained in this post.

This can also be accomplished by "mapping" a key in the 'Terminal / Emulation / Mapped Keys' category of SecureCRT. The 'Function' would be set to 'SSH Function' and the 'SSH Function' would be set to 'SSH_FLUSH_AGENT'.
2. If I have a few keys on the ring, how can I change the order that they are checked against? I have a couple machines that I prefer the check in a certain order.
What problem are you trying to solve by reordering the keys in the agent?

If you want to try a specific key, there is an entry in the "ssh2.ini" file that will allow you to try only the key specified in the 'SSH2' category of Session Options (or with the /I <identityfile> from the command-line).

You would need to change:
D:"Try All Agent Keys"=00000001
D:"Try All Agent Keys"=00000000
The "ssh2.ini" file is found in the 'Configuration folder', the location of which can be found in the 'General' category of SecureCRT's Global Options.

Otherwise the keys would need to be added and deleted as necessary to accomplish the desired order in the 'Manage Agent Keys' dialog.
3. How can I either log or detect (as well and see) what keys are on the ring, when a request has come in (and how often), and which key?
This option is not currently available, though I will be happy to enter a feature request in your behalf for the ability to log statistics on key usage. Can you tell me more about your need for this feature?
4. How can I temporarly disable a key for a period of time then turn it back on without having to exit securecrt then reenter the program?
This can only be accomplished by adding and deleting keys at this time. Again, I will be happy to enter a feature request on your behalf if you would like to tell me more about how you foresee the feature being implemented.

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