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I notice that you are using the following in your new code:

	objTab.Screen.WaitForString szCommand & vbcr
	vServerList = objTab.Screen.ReadString(szPrompt)
        'vServerList = Split(objTab.Screen.ReadString(), vbcr)
	crt.Dialog.Messagebox vServerList
In order to be able to iterate over each item is to create
an array, which is what the split does for you. If you
don't use split, you end up with just a string that doesn't
allow you to parse just the information you are looking for.
Try changing that portion of your code to look like this:

	objTab.Screen.WaitForString szCommand & vbcr
        vServerList = Split(objTab.Screen.ReadString(szPrompt), vbcr)
	' crt.Dialog.Messagebox vServerList
The reason why the crt.Dialog.MessageBox line is also
commented out is that since it is now an array, you'd
get an error attempting to display it as a regular string.

Does that work better for you?


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