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Hi darkoth,

The crt.Dialog.Prompt() method can accept an argument that specifies whether the dialog is a password prompt or not.

For example, in your code, using the following line to prompt the user for their password should be helpful in accomplishing what it is you are looking to do:

User_Pass = crt.Dialog.Prompt("Enter your password: ", "", "", True)
More information on the crt.Dialog.Prompt() method can be found in the 'ActiveX Scripting/Script Objects Reference/Dialog Object' chapter of the SecureCRT Help.

Note that the order of arguments passed to the crt.Dialog.Prompt is as follows, as indicated in the Help:
message [, title [, default [, isPassword ]]]
Given this, we needed to modify your prompt to pass a 'default' parameter so we could get at the 'isPassword' parameter.

Is this information helpful?
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