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Cool Search Feature from Connect Box?

Is there a way to "search" from the "Connect" box. If not this would be a really GREAT feature to add...

I have a LOT of servers I manage and I've broke all the sessions into their own "terminal server" folders so I know where each server is on what terminal server.

For example I might have this:

[buttons on top - connect / quick connect / new session / etc]

Sessions ->
    Term Server 1 (Folder)
        -> server 1 (session)
        -> server 2 (session)
    Term Server 2 (Folder)
        -> server 3 (session)
        -> server 4 (session)

checkboxes at bottom [] Show dialog on startup    []Open in tab
I'd love to see a button where I can search these for a server name (session)
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