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Hi Monte.Tucker,

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time connecting with SecureCRT 5.2.2! In order for us to get a better understanding of the issue it would be helpful to review a trace options log of the connection attempt.

Please follow the instructions below to generate a trace options log of the connection attempt and send the log as an attachment to Please include *"Attn Brittney - Forum Thread #49408"* in the subject line.

- Launch SecureCRT and open SecureCRT's main "File" menu and select the "Trace Options" menu item.

- Open the "File" menu again and choose "Log Session..." --> Specify a path to your Desktop folder and a name of the log file, such as SCRT_Log.txt. For example: %APPDATA%\..\..\Desktop\SCRT_Log.txt

- Now attempt your connection again.

- When the connection fails, open SecureCRT's "File" menu and look at the "Log Session" menu item. If it has a check-mark next to it, click on it to turn off logging.

- Go to your Desktop folder and locate the SCRT_Log.txt file. Please send the SCRT_Log.txt file to me as an attachment to your reply. Please don't paste the contents into the body of your message -- please attach it!

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