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Hi Dustin,

Congrats on the success incorporating argument processing into your script!

For new question #1, I think there is a snippet of code that's available in our Scripting Essentials manual that will help.

You can add code to "detect the prompt" as illustrated in section 7.2 ( search for word heuristically, guaranteed to only appear once )

If you incorporate that into the proposed IF statement, I don't think you would need the second script.

However, to answer your actual question, there is a WaitForStrings() (plural) method available to the Screen object, but you would probably have to use regular expressions to handle any situation where what you are waiting for is expressed via a "wildcard".

2. Is there a way I can have the session log filename to have the name of the CustomerDeviceName instead of the Jumpserver Hostname\Jumpserver Session name? Currently in my default settings I have the log file name set to be C:\%H-%S-%M-%D-%Y-%h-%m.log The problem is that when using the command-line option with script above, it names the log file as JumpserverHostname-JumpserverSessionName. I would like each of the log files to include the customer device name, not the jumpserver device name. Is there a way value I could set in the LogfileName that would use the /N "CustomerDeviceName" which is specified in the command-line options? If not, is there a command-line argument that I could set or something in the vbs file I could set to accomplish this?
For #2, you could enable logging in the script instead.

The CustomerDeviceName is already stored in the crt.Arguments(1) variable, so you have the necessary information.

See the attached example script.

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