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Originally Posted by tdubsley View Post
I'm working on a python script to simply connect to predefined sessions using TAPI. I noticed on some other older threads that there may have been functionality added to suppress pop-ups for connections that fail. Is there a way to automatically advance when there's some failure without having to select Ok in the dialog box? I tried adding the fail silently argument to the crt.Session.Connect method without any success.
When you use TAPI, you are instructing SecureCRT to turn over the dialing process to the Windows operating system's Telephony API (TAPI). Because, with TAPI, the Windows OS is the entity controlling the dial operation the Windows OS is the entity displaying dialog boxes during that dial process and returning control to SecureCRT only after the dial attempt has terminated. If you're using TAPI, there is no way in SecureCRT to tell the OS to suppress dialog popups during the dial operation.

If you want to consider an alternative to using TAPI, you can consider using a script to perform dial operations by using the Serial protocol to talk directly to the Modem. An example script is available here.

Originally Posted by tdubsley View Post
I'm currently using SecureCRT v7.3.1 and Python 3.
SecureCRT version 7.3.1 has not been in active development since 26 Feb, 2015. It is strongly suggested that you upgrade to a version of SecureCRT that is current and in active development.

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